MAXX242 X OSIRIS available online

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Ive had a few peeps asking me where they can pick up some of the kicks, they’re available online at Osiris online store  Thanks for all the support!



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I had the pleasure to make it out to Japan recently, it was an amazing experience! I was out there for the Be@rbrick release party with Zac Pac Toy Store and Medicom Toy. The release party was dope! I got to meet a lot of cool people that came out and supported us, I got to do a couple of interviews with some magazine out there, one of them being Tattoo Burst, very nice mag! I also got to do a live painting and display a few canvases. Here are a few pix.Kazuhiro!!OG SUSHI!Ikaru\'s crazy life!yah, we took a lot of pix. Mr. Gallo went out with me and was a great support. thanx Mr. Gallo! Also want to thank Zac Pac and especially Mr. Kazuhrio!!!


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I am really stoked to be apart of the Sea No Evil show this year. It is an amazing benfit show that will be held at the Riverside Art Museum this year. This show has a great line up of artists, so do what you can to make it out! For more info check


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Man, ive been a loyal and huge fan of the WWE for years, decades! The WWE has always had good plots and great characters. Like Hogan, Andre, JYD, Snuka, HBK!, Stone Cold, The Rock!, Cena, Flair, Foley, the list goes on. But one of the biggest reasons i maintained so loyal to the shows was of course…..The Undertaker! He has been the most entertaining character on their roster now for years. Last Sunday unfortunately was the end of this reign, WWE has banned the Deadman. After a series of matches with Edge (such a bad character, not even worthy of being a heel), they allowed in this plot for Edge to defeat The Undertaker in an end all match. Man, Edge??!! Out of all the possible ways to end such an illustrious career, Edge??!!! His finishing move is the spear!! weak!! i can see Batista or Goldberg spearing some one down, but Edge???!!!!! All i can say is i am now done with their gimmicks, i am through with the WWE! It would have to take some ridiculously amazing story line to bring me back. Thank you Mark Callaway (The Undertaker) for your years of dedication and commitment to the fans, but with The Undertaker gone, the WWE will now “Rest In Peace!”


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I recently had the privilege to hook up with toy store ZAC PAC in japan for this colab with MEDICOM TOY! The release date will be 6-14-08 Japan, for more info you can go to

I will also display a collection of pieces that i have put together for the release, which i will post those as they are finished up. Along with the Be@rbrick, i have also teamed up with REAL skateboards to do a limited run of boards, and with Tribal for a limited edition tee, which i will post soon. I am super excited, it will be the first time i display that many pieces at one time! Not to forget it will be my first time in Japan! Thank you Kazuhiro!


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Peep out the homies jonstation and mr ryan new blog, very nice!

here is the footskillz section, but feel free to look around