Its that time, COMIC CON

i am always very excited about the con, it use to be my 4 day get away for the year, these days it seems its only down to one day. Man, its a fun one day, i get to buy so many toys! so this year I’ll be over at Mark Murphy and Jeff Soto’s booth for a little bit with a new little something for con. I did a black and white zine which showcases a lot of my work from the last couple of years. It came out really nice, ill have those and a few of my bearbricks there! It should be a mad fun, hangin with Mr Soto is always fun. speaking of, make sure and check out his blog at he’s got some awesome pix of tattoos and old skool pix of us painting and kickin it. you will also be able to pick up Jeff’s new book at con. nice! and before i forget, ill be at the booth booth Saturday at 4:30 and probably for most of the day you’ll see me around there, the booth number is #4833. see everyone there!


One Response to “Its that time, COMIC CON”

  1. Badass!!! Also some badass collab in the near future with the peeops at:

    18402 Ventura Blvd
    Tarzana, CA 91356

    Anyways, cant wait to see what you come up with……no doubt hopefully turn the industry inside out!!!!

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