OG Art Room

Since ive been collecting again these days i thought id show a portion of my collection.
This is my art room or studio about 3 yrs ago. I miss having all my toys up!!maxx-joint-4.jpgmaxx-joint-12.jpgmaxx-joint-2.jpgmaxx-joint-32.jpg


2 Responses to “OG Art Room”

  1. Armer Oner Says:

    Yo I’m jealous of your toys AND your talent. I had every toy that I saw in your collection but I’ve had to sell them to help my moms and pops make rent or get food, but I still have a few gems you’d probably be interested in for reals, nahmean? I love your art, maybe we could trade or something. just an idea from a fellow artist without any recognition yet; when I saw you liked to collect toys then saw yer collection a tear almost rolled outta my eye. But it didn’t cuz I’m not a bitch, I aint gonna cry over toys, no matter how much I miss what I had. I’d love to hear a reply, I dont expect one, but maybe you’ll be different than all these other fools who got big and forgot who their real fans are. keep up the good work.

  2. Dullier Says:

    Hi Max.
    I didn’t see your blog for a long time, and I didn’t see your toys colection, and it’s amazing.
    I hope you came OK to your home.
    Remember we support you.


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