Cloverfield is a new movie coming out this month, which seems pretty dope by the previews. However the previews don’t really explain whats really happening so i looked into it a bit. From what im told, the director was out in Japan with his kid, and saw a gojira toy, and thought that the US needed its own gojira or godzilla as we know it today. So then came Cloverfield, again the previews look pretty dope, and i really wanted to see what was attacking NY. Here are some images of the monster that i found online, im not 100% that this will be the monster, but it seems to be. Im still looking forward to watching this movie.cloverfield_poster.jpgcloverfield_monster_image.jpgcloverfieldmonsteconcept.jpg


One Response to “CLOVERFIELD”

  1. is that the bastard son of whale and jabba?

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